Sustainable booth fairs unilin panels

Discover our reusable exhibition stand: always different, always recognisable


Will you be attending an interior design fair soon where we will also be present? Then we will be even easier to spot from now on, thanks to our new and sustainable exhibition stand! Mind you, thanks to the modular system it will look a tad different each time. Practical, versatile and above all: completely in line with our DNA!

Sustainable design from Tailormate

Building a new booth for every trade show? Where is the sustainability in that? Moreover, it’s a very time-consuming and pricey job. That’s why we teamed up with Mechelen-based company Tailormate  to develop a reusable stand together that totally fits our DNA. Or more precisely: a stand we can take with us to every single trade show and that consists of 98% of our own materials.

 Sustainable booth fairs unilin panels
Most stands are used for one trade show and then discarded. Since sustainability is one of our brand values, this is no longer acceptable.

- Tineke Tondeleir, Head of Campaign Management, Unilin Panels

Modular, flexible system

Just because we will be using the same exhibition stand from now on, doesn't mean it will always look the same: Tailormate designed a modular system with components that can be combined in various ways. The content of certain modules can be easily adjusted as well. This way we can give our creativity free rein with every new trade show!

Because we primarily used materials from Unilin Panels, the stand is largely sustainably produced and recyclable.”

- Kevin Govaerts, Managing Partner, Tailormate

Sustainable booth fairs unilin panels

Meanwhile, the stand has already made a successful debut at Carrefour du Bois and Design District.

Initial reactions? Nothing but praise! Curious? Then check out the video below: