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UNILIN Evola blush blush

From millennial to millennium: blush is here to stay


When blush entered our interiors – and our Instagram feeds – a few years ago, it was written off as a “one night stand” – fun while it lasts, but with no future. But what seemed like a fad now has its foot firmly in the colour chart. Blush has become a new neutral and has proven itself more of a chameleon than even black or white. It has helped to produce countless combinations and has moved effortlessly from being simply a distraction to “one life” status.

UNILIN Evola blush blush

Blame it on the kids

Blush was conceived by Pantone in 2016, although back then it was still known as Rose Quartz, ultimately being colloquially rechristened as Millennial Pink. In conjunction with the tint known as Serenity, a sort of soft evening blue, Rose Quartz was voted the colour of the year. The combination was described as “genderful”, a term that describes a new mindset, a new modern era where the traditional boundaries between genders have become blurred. The millennial generation has been the first to really turn its back on traditional (gender) classifications and has been so utterly enthusiastic about coating its entire world in Rose Quartz that the colour has been nicknamed Millennial Pink.

Now, the millennials are starting to bow out, making space as they go for Generation Z and Generation Alpha, but their colour remains hot. The Gallery in the London restaurant hub Sketch and The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson set the scene on fire and the fuse that in effect lit the Olympic torch now appears to be one that just wants to keep on burning.

UNILIN Evola blush blush

Burning Blush Blush

Blush has outlived the hype thanks to its multi-usability and wide application spectrum – from carpets and accessories, large sofas and dressers, to walls and tiles, blush works just about anywhere.

  • In a showroom or clothes store, blush unites the varied range of product colours instead of providing contrast, the role traditionally filled by white.
  • Blush in a kitchen or bedroom gives the space instant individuality. Taps in brass or bronze give a room a luxurious vibe, while white or black accessories give something of a clean look.
  • In a bedroom, whether on the walls or in the bed linen, blush gives the room a serene, dreamy feeling – a sense of relaxation somewhere between classic and modern.
  • Combined with premium tins such as bordeaux and dark green or with fresh colours like orange and mint green, the result is always different.

UNILIN Evola blush blush

Now that the Blush Blush trend has proven its permanence, innovations in the interior sector are all about integrating the colour wherever possible. Until recently, its appearance was mainly confined to accessories, furniture and, in the best case, a splash of paint but with Unilin Evola, we’re pushing the colour out to every corner of the room. More sustainable than paint both in production and use, the blush colours – Tanned Peach, Lime Blush and Lychee – are the answer when it comes to designing hotels and catering spaces. With a colour that has managed to go beyond its use-by date with timeless elegance, you can comfortably take the step towards a permanent overall concept.

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