New trends, new designs

Time for a change! In January 2022, we will launch our new range of decorative products.

This means that at the end of December 2021:

  1. Some of our current designs will definitely be discontinued from our range;
  2. Others will continue to exist, but they will have a different surface finish;
  3. The MST products (super matt) will be discontinued from our product range. But there’s no need to worry, because in January 2022, we will launch a new, and even more extensive, range of super matt designs.

What happens to the old designs?

We will discontinue some designs to keep our range compact. This will allow us to focus entirely on the new product range and guarantee you the very best quality.

No need to worry if your favourite design is discontinued from our range, because our distributors will have your product available for as long as stocks last.

These designs will have a new surface finish

Some designs will remain but will change in surface finish, from Soft Pearl (CST) to Top Mat (BST), to reflect today’s trend for matt finishes.

The list below shows you all the designs that will have a new surface finish from the end of December 2021.

Note: samples of these designs with their new BST structure will be available from the 6th of January.

UNILIN code Surface finish Name
U135 CST › BST Amber yellow
U136 CST › BST Sunshine
U137 CST › BST Candy red
U139 CST › BST Plum purple
U140 CST › BST Purple jam
U141 CST › BST Evening red
U142 CST › BST Exotic blue
U143 CST › BST Fresh green
U148 CST › BST Teal
U149 CST › BST Pale green
U150 CST › BST Ink blue
U272 CST › BST Tiger orange
U279 CST › BST Goldfish orange
U285 CST › BST Lemon
U640 CST › BST Lychee
U641 CST › BST Indian curry
U642 CST › BST Macchiato brown
U643 CST › BST Cognac
U645 CST › BST Industrial green
U646 CST › BST Cloverfield green
U647 CST › BST Frozen blue
U648 CST › BST Silver blue
U651 CST › BST Smoothie green
U653 CST › BST Green shadow
U654 CST › BST Coral
U656 CST › BST Tanned peach
UD59 CST › BST Creamy

These designs will definitely be discontinued from our product range

At the end of December 2021, these designs will be replaced with new designs to reflect the latest trends.

UNILIN code Surface finish Name
113 MST Elegant black
625 W04 Silicon
625 W05 Silicon
944 CST Modena Apple
F939 CST Brushed Metal
F984 CST Blue jeans
F986 W04 Raw Concrete dark grey
F988 W04 Raw Concrete light beige
H320 BST Belisio Oak
H338 CST Granada Oak
H425 W03 Rena Pine
H447 W04 Nordic Pine natural
H451 W04 Emilia Oak natural
H452 W04 Emilia Oak light grey
H453 W04 Emilia Oak dark grey
H454 W04 Flakewood taupe
H455 W04 Flakewood painted white
H787 W05 Desert brushed Oak grey
H788 W05 Desert brushed Oak natural
H789 W05 Desert brushed Oak black
H844 BST Bellavista Oak
H866 BST Everest Oak
H876 BST Todi Oak
H892 BST Logan Oak
U115 W05 Dark ecru
U147 W05 Seashell
U178 CST Mineral grey
U265 CST Persian blue
U288 CST Choco
U292 W04 Turtle grey
U644 CST Coffee brown
U649 CST Electric blue
U650 CST Tea leaf
U652 CST Olive cream
UD26 W04 Elephant grey
UD26 W05 Elephant grey
UD81 MST Quartz
WA12 W05 Azure white
WE26 BST Pebble white
WE30 MST Dove white

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What exactly is changing?

Download the update of our current 2017-2021 collection. In this overview you will discover which designs will disappear or change surface finish.

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