Subtle luxury at Wraptor

At Wraptor, cars get a new exterior, but the company itself was also in need of new look. Architect Maud van Hees of interARC helped them with this and brought the industrial core business and the modest luxury atmosphere together into one whole.

The division between the workshop and the office was the starting point for the design. The workshop floor was given a tough industrial look with light shades of grey, while the office area was given a refined black finish with our Elegant black (113 V1A) with Dainty Oak finish.

"By shifting the boundary between raw grey (Elephant grey - UD26 CST) and refined black (Elegant black - 113 CST and 113 V1A) slightly inward, the design becomes more exciting, less predictable. In the various rooms, the two colours compete with each other, which can be clearly seen in the canteen and toilets." The concept of the two colours has been implemented by Van Hees down to the smallest details, even the black cords of the lighting have been replaced by grey ones. The light and dark shades are alternated and continuously draw attention to new places. 

InterARC consciously opted for a high-quality interior and finish, which puts emphasis on the professionalism of Wraptor. "We chose environmentally friendly materials to create a healthy working environment for the employees," Van Hees continues. "A large part of the products used are cradle to cradle certified and consist of recycled material. Such as reclaimed and discarded wood for the wall finishes. But also the ceiling finishing, the glass walls, floor covering, furniture and lighting have been chosen in an environmentally conscious way. While the seats of the chairs are made of recycled PET bottles and the packaging of the LED lighting now serves as a luminaire." 

A project with a particularly beautiful end result that shows that sustainable materials and a flawless look can go hand in hand.

products used in this project