Sunrise Lounge renovation featuring HPL by Unilin Panels transports travelers to warmer destinations

Renovated Sunrise Lounge makes travellers think they've already arrived in warmer climes

Keen on a trip to Sub-Saharan Africa? It's quite a trek. The renovated Sunrise Lounge from Brussels Airlines, on the other hand, brings the same warmth and sunny spirit to Belgium. Passengers can wait for their flight in comfort amid stylish surroundings with an inviting view of the landing apron – perfect for daydreaming about the exotic South. The wallpaper, inspired by African landscapes, creates the illusion of actually being there, as does the 1,716 m² fire-retardant HPL in warm, earthy tones.

In an airport, fire-retardant materials are essential for ensuring the safety of personnel and travellers alike. Thanks to our broad range of products and low minimal order volumes, the customer was free to shape the design exactly as they wanted it. This involved combining several designs to create a uniquely eye-catching environment: from dark furniture in Valley Ash patinated brown to walls in a Fiji Oak wood tint and a lighter Mushroom beige hue. Alongside fire-retardant HPL, the new lounge is fitted with our standard HPL and melamine-faced chipboard.

Brussels Airlines made a conscious decision to work with local partners and materials sourced locally. Produced in Belgium, our (fire-retardant) HPL and chipboards fit the bill perfectly. We also have a team of trusted advisors whose vast technical experience and tailored advice are the quickest way to win over the client.

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