Large office space with subtle color accents, wooden beams and soft floors

Cradle-to-cradle head office - Rijnbrink

For the new head office of the Rijnbrink book centre, De Unie Architecten from Amsterdam designed a custom green cradle-to-cradle interior. The new offices are located in the existing building of which the floor plans as well as the layout were realized in close cooperation with the new users.

The new interior focusses on large open zones complementing with meeting rooms and communal facilities. In addition, the gathering zones on the different floors should invite a warm welcoming feeling and staying. In addition, the design, atmosphere and appearance were also tailored to the employees. For example, different colors and accents were used on each floor, and special attention was paid to acoustics by using cleverly placed ceiling islands and soft floors. Large, movable planters take care of the layout of the office zones.

The materialization includes a combination of wood and circular panel material from our own Evola collection. In this case, the customer opted for the light walnut H906/W06, Missoury Hickory Light. A decor with a bright, warm look and a perfect fit with the light spatial environment of the office zones.

  • Location: Deventer
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Sector: Corporate & office
  • Architect: De Unie Architecten
  • Installer: Stooff interieurbouw
  • Products: 0H906 Veneer wood (W06) UNILIN Evola-Belspan
  • Photographer: Egbert De Boer

products used in this project