Sky-blue tones bring in the outdoors

Luxury lofts with unique views at the Palace Hotel

Over the years, the Palace Hotel in Zandvoort has had quite a variety of functions, including as a pre-eminent meeting place, and a base for visitors to the nearby dolphinarium. Nowadays, the hotel focuses on providing a unique guest experience, with the construction of six stunning loft rooms where guests can relax and unwind.  

Ab Interieurarchitect built mezzanines in the six luxury (family) rooms. The team decided on UNILIN Clicwall as a fast, elegant solution for the rooms' walls. The mixture of natural wood (UNILIN Evola Minnesota Oak Natural) with dark-blue accents and decorative black walls (UNILIN Evola Elegant Black) makes these lofts a chic home from home.

UNILIN Clicwall proved to be the perfect choice for these intensively used rooms. The walls are very easy to clean. Moreover, Clicwall is scratch-resistant and does not require regular touch-ups. The result? The Palace Hotel has been able to maximise the use of its loft rooms, with a minimal amount of maintenance.

A Clicwall modular wall system lets you create elegant dry walls and partition walls in no time. They are frequently used in shops, home interiors, care centers and much more. And they can be installed in a flash! This proved to be a great advantage for the Palace Hotel, as they could rent out their lofts again very quickly.

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