Wood structure design in the common areas of Hotel Eliseo, such as the reception.

Clean and chic: French hotel undergoes modern metamorphosis

Chic, refined and all but unrecognisable: last year the French Hotel Eliseo didn’t just get a facelift but a genuine makeover, from top to bottom. Drastic? Not per se, because a clever choice of materials transformed the hotel’s atmosphere in one fell swoop. And that atmosphere greets the hotel guests the very moment they walk in. An indelible first impression!

The aim? To create a contemporary atmosphere that feels warm and inviting. To pull off this piece of magic, the interior architect relied on HPL and melamine in Essential Oak natural. The design with wood structure is present in all communal areas of the hotel: from the reception area and the restaurant to the bar and the adjoining lounge. Guests can now unwind in a clean and warm interior that strikes the perfect balance between modern and convivial. This is proof positive that the right materials can completely transform a space without losing the individual character of the hotel.

  • Location: Lourdes
  • Country: France
  • Sector: Hotel
  • Architect: CAD
  • Products: 0H852 Linewood (W03)
  • Design: Essential Oak natural
  • Photographer: Protocole Photo

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