Stylish Master Oak Commands Attention in Upscale 4-Star Hotel

Master Oak attracts all the right attention in this prestigious meeting venue

Ready to hold meetings in a little luxury in the heart of Turnhout? Master Oak has secured a permanent spot in the Sky Venue, a beautiful meeting space within walking distance of the stylish Corsendonk Turnova hotel. Our HPL and melamine solutions were used to finish mobile partitions and walls, fixed furnishings and tabletops.

“We deliberately opted for Master Oak because it comes very close to reflecting the quality of actual wood,” explains Jan-Felix Nédée, CEO of Corsendonk Hotels. “Our customers can't even tell the difference: we always receive compliments about how beautiful our 'veneers' look." This isn't the only reason why the hotel turned to Master Oak: “It does help, of course, that Unilin Panels is providing a complete solution as part of its designs. It enabled us to create a visually consistent interior – from the funirture to the Clicwall system walls.”

Curious about the possibilities of Master Oak?

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 In the restaurant, hotel and catering industry, businesses need to rely on sustainable, hard-wearing materials. This is where the Master Oak solution enters the frame: it is scratch-resistant, colourfast and easy to clean. An added benefit is the unique designs, which have the authentic look and feel of wood. "It has actually helped us to win an award," reveals Jan-Felix Nédée. "Our Sky Venue was declared the best meeting location in Belgium in 2023!"

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