In the corridor, the Clicwall panels seamlessly connect around impressive glass sections

Eurofins Scientific laboratory in a sleek Clicwall (lab) coat

In the Eurofins lab in Nazareth, Clicwall is the order of the day. The AB Interieurs team installed over 1000 m2 of Clicwall panels here.

“The Front White design from the Unilin Decorative Range allows us to remain loyal to the bright white, clinical lab vibe,” says Alain Buess, managing director of AB Interieurs. “But using Clicwall as the material is a revolutionary step. These panels can be installed up to five times faster than traditional wall coverings – always handy when you are working with such large volumes.”

The unique properties of the panels are also a major plus. “The melamine surface repels dirt and can be cleaned in no time. Additionally, the panels are fire-resistant for up to 60 minutes when installed correctly – a must-have in areas where a lot of experimentation takes place.”

“Finally, Clicwall has an antibacterial surface as standard for most designs,” says Ines Goeminne, project advisor at Unilin Panels. “Though this is actually not the case with Front White, it can be easily arranged on request. Not only do the panels look spick and span, but they are also extremely hygienic by nature.”

  • Location: Nazareth
  • Country: Belgium
  • Sector: Healthcare, Corporate & office
  • Architect: Ab Interieurs
  • Installer: Plafolux
  • Products: 00025 Soft Pearl (CST) Clicwall
  • Design: Front white
  • Photographer: BOA

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