In the busy stairwell, the durability of UNILIN Evola is an important asset

A warm and timeless interior for the world's largest law firm

The Dutch architectural firms Dentons and Studio PROTOTYPE joined forces to transform DZAP, the world’s largest law firm. 6000 square metres of office space has been transformed into the ‘House of Dentons’: a brand-new workplace with a timeless character.

Studio PROTOTYPE opted for a broad spectrum of natural materials in different wood types, with a combination of real wood and the Unilin Evola collection. The decorative panels and wood structures of UNILIN Panels look and feel completely real. The designers consciously opted for Essential Oak Natural: the panels exude warmth and conviviality in a place where people work and receive clients.

The building is characterised by a tone-on-tone oak look. Patterns of playful stripes and fine lines create dynamism in the most important spaces, from the entrance foyer and the passageways to the meeting lane. The architects deliberately combined real wood with HPL: not only does the interior look fantastic, but it is also strong and durable. The result: a timeless workplace for intensive use.

The melamine faced chipboard from the UNILIN Evola collection is almost indistinguishable from authentic materials such as wood or concrete. This makes it an excellent choice for interior designers and architects who focus on details and wish to get as close to the original material as possible. The fact that all the designs are available in perfect colour and structure combinations with laminated panels and matching edge bands makes matching easy. The maintenance-friendly nature of the materials also ensures an outstanding product that is quick and easy to use.

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