Toilet area with doors and frames finished in Baked Brick finish

Past and future come together in the interior of the Dunden co-working space

Fans of office-sharing and lovers of eclectic interiors have been visiting Dunden since the beginning of this year. This co-working space and tech start-up hub in the heart of Antwerp surprises visitors at a glance. Design studio PRSPCTF brought new life to the building with the Unilin Decorative Range.

“We went all out with bold colours and playful forms,” says Sven Stas, Creative Director and Founder at PRSPCTF. "This is how the toilet area sits in a terracotta-like Baked Brick jacket. A matt and glossy version of Brushed Alu alternates in the stands, bar and kitchen. Lychee leaves a fresh, fruity impression in the reception and kitchen. And to finish off the bar, we opted for black MDF finished with a transparent Super Matt varnish (0L100 SM1)."

All designs are available in melamine and HPL. "That colour matching offers endless possibilities. This allows us to extend the design of the washbasin furniture in melamine on the toilet doors with HPL in door size. What’s more, it’s also very handy in shared spaces: the materials are easy to maintain."

  • Location: Antwerp
  • Country: Belgium
  • Sector: Corporate & office
  • Architect: PRSPCTF
  • Products: UNILIN Evola-HPL UNILIN Evola-Belspan
  • Design: Brushed Alu, Original black, Baked Brick, Lychee
  • Photographer: Erine Wyckmans

What makes Dunden so special? “Undoubtedly the clash between the past and the future,” continues Sven. "Dunden radiates creativity, openness and innovation, but is located in a classic, characterful building with classic elements such as curves and pillars. By combining both styles, you get the best of both worlds in one interior."

Classicism meets futurism: that’s how you can best describe Dunden according to Sven. “It was quite a challenge, but we managed to bring unity into the building.” Anyone who has not yet seen the unconventional interior of Dunden should certainly make it their (co-)work to do so.

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