An eclectic interior creates a feel-good atmosphere

Sustainable transformation of the cafeteria of a Cora supermarket

Having a chat over a cup of coffee after shopping has never been as enjoyable as at Cora in Ermont. This supermarket in the small town north-west of Paris has created a homely ambience in its cafeteria that is both sustainable and easy to maintain.

La Maison Blanche’s interior designer Isabelle Lepers rejuvenated old tabletops with fresh colours from UNILIN’s Evola range: Sunshine, Fresh green, Goldfish orange, Exotic blue and Lime moon grey. Isabelle purposefully selected Unilin because our panelling is made of 100% recovered wood and is also very easy to maintain. In other words, a perfect example of upcycling – or how discarded objects can be given a new lease on life.

Unilin's Evola range offers natural-looking designs in addition to a wide range of bright, bold colours to spruce up your interior. Suitable as wall covering and furniture panels.

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