Distinctive colourful office design for Berenschot

For Berenschot Consultancy, a new head office immediately meant a new meeting place. Berenschot Consultancy called in the help of Grip Interieurontwerpen to bring their core business of research and training even more to the foreground. In September 2020, they moved into two floors in the iconic Life building in Utrecht.

The interior is distinctive and contemporary, and was partly inspired by the textile industry where the organisation's founder and namesake started his consultancy career. Textile structures, for instance, are a common thread in the design.

Derivatives of the primary colours of the blue-purple logo were chosen for the lively play of colours. Ochre yellow as a variation on yellow and old pink as a derivative of red. Indian Curry yellow from the UNILIN Evola collection stands out in the geometric planes. The high-quality work was carried out to perfection by  Immano Interieurbouw.

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