Ariane store and office

The basic idea for this design proposal was to unify the showroom area on the ground floor with the office space on the upper floor. That effect was achieved through two main architectural tools: the metallic staircase that unfolds prominently in the space and the vertical garden which climbs up to the ceiling. The office spaces are open and wide, having levels of privacy, which are created by the alternate placement of wooden and glass panels. The use of the single vinyl carpet empowers the undivided character of the space while at the same time it functions as soundproofing material too. The combination of wood and white are used in the office spaces to create a refreshing working environment that are reflect professionalism and elegance.

  • Location: Thessaloniki
  • Country: Greece
  • Sector: Corporate & office, retail
  • Architect: Kaput Design
  • Installer: Vordounas Giorgos
  • Products: 0H162 Z5L
  • Photographer: Studiovd

products used in this project