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  • BA Components has taken over ClicBox and the UNILIN uniclic for furniture activities

BA Components has taken over ClicBox and the UNILIN uniclic® for furniture activities

UNILIN, division panels handed over the production and sales of furniture components with the Uniclic® for furniture technology to one of its major customers, BA components. The Uniclic® for furniture technology, developed by UNILIN, allows to click various panels together without any tools. UNILIN made the strategic choice to hand over the sales & production to further focus on developing new technologies and improving existing product ranges.

BA Components, a market leading manufacturer of kitchen & bedroom doors and accessories in the UK and Irish furniture components industry and currently operating in more than 20 worldwide markets, signed a license agreement with UNILIN for the Uniclic® for furniture technology and has also taken over and will further continue the production and sales activities of ClicBox, a commercial range of components with Uniclic® for furniture technology, mainly used in kitchens.

Having signed the license agreement BA have purchased the production machinery used for Uniclic® for furniture and invested in a new purpose designed production facility in South Yorkshire where they already have a manufacturing base.

ClicBox was launched by UNILIN just over two years ago. BA Components will guarantee the production capacity to ensure continuous supply to the market, a seamless transition and establish the brand further within the marketplace in order to support the further growth of the business.

Jan Battheu, Sales & Marketing Director at UNILIN, division panels is happy to see BA Components further develop the furniture components. “We are convinced that the ClicBox range is a perfect match with BA Components’ current activities and product offer, allowing us to concentrate more on our core business.”

Kieran McCracken, BA’s Operations Director and the man ultimately responsible for the smooth production transition said, “We are excited by both the challenge and opportunity this offers and would like to thank UNILIN for the manner in which the negotiations have been conducted, we are looking forward to further establishing the Uniclic® for furniture products not only here in the UK but throughout our global sales network.”

For more information on ClicBox and Uniclic® for furniture technology, please visit http://byba.co.uk/