Exactly how does it contribute?

We are committed to keeping wood in circulation for as long as possible. After all, wood equals stored carbon. By processing wood into high-quality panels, we save it from combustion and thus reduce CO2 emissions. A very important side note: we only use recovered wood to produce our panels.

When we can no longer use wood as a raw material for products, we convert it into renewable energy in our own power plants. In this way, we ensure that nothing of this natural raw material is lost.

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Unilin recycles recovered wood for the production of new chipboards and MDF

Smart partnerships

In addition, we strive to source our recovered wood locally as much as possible. That's why we also help our partners and customers to contribute to the circular economy. We offer them advice, tips and training to better manage and sort wood waste. For example, we give wood from their demolition work, from their packaging materials or their production a new life as a raw material for boards.

We share our sustainability mission with many companies. At both Colruyt and Inntel Hotels Rotterdam, this shared vision led to a very pleasant and sustainable collaboration.

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Sustainable transport

Most post-consumer wood comes from Flanders. Thanks to our local approach, we not only limit our transport, but also the environmental impact that comes with it.

We aim to transport wood purchased from abroad as much as possible by barge. For this purpose, our site in Oostrozebeke has its own unloading quay. In this way we are also opting for sustainable transport and a reduction in traffic pressure in Flanders.

Can you believe that one cargo vessel takes no less than 60 trucks off the road? 

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