Mezzanine P4 Standard TG

Raw structural P4 chipboard

  • Chipboard
  • CE norm: P4
  • Dry conditions - service class 1
  • Structural
  • Tongue and groove
  • Finish up: Raw - Sanded
  • Finish down: Raw - Sanded
  • 100% recovered wood

Structural P4 chipboard with on the edges with tongue-and-groove. Mezzanine P4 Standard TG is suitable for use in dry conditions, service class 1, mainly for mezzanine flooring. Mezzanine P4 Standard TG is made from 100% recovered wood: up to 90% post-consumer wood, supplemented by 10% pre-consumer wood from waste flows from the wood industry or thinned wood from sustainable forestry and verge management.

  • Construction board
  • Structural flooring
  • Dfl-s1 & D-s2-d0
  • 600x2400 mm