How we know, we have the best mezzanine flooring for AGV picking robots? By continuous testing & optimizing. No wear, no rutting & no cracks.

  • Resistant against wear & tear from picking robots
  • Highest recognised abrasion criteria rating
  • ESD and Anti-static
  • Fire-retardant options

Fire-safety expert

When a fire breaks out, every second counts. The slower fire can spread, or smoke can develop, the more time there is to evacuate and limit damage. Increase your evacuation time with fire-retardant mezzanine floor panels.

  • Extensive knowledge in fire testing
  • Superior fire compartimentation, compared to steel grating
  • Most extensive range of fire-retardant floor panels

Discover our most popular panel

Mezzanine U7 Deluxe TG:

  • High-load bearing capacity
  • Slip and wear resistant
  • Fire resistant options

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A well-thought-out connection of the floor panels ensures a fast and installation with increased load bearing capacity. The conical tongue-and groove profile has a number of innovative properties, such as reduced stepping and increased strength. In addition, the closed joint limit damage during use. The Mezzanine range is available with tongue and groove profile on four sides.

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