Fully removable

Retail customers who want to update regularly to a new concept need a fullyremovable wall solution. Or do you need a flexible office space?Thanks to the click system, Clicwall panels can be reused up to 10 times!

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High quality is the norm

The first wood-based wall system to achieve the Cradle-to-Cradle Material Health certificate? Clicwall! By using these wall panels, you and your customers can help reduce waste and limit the depletion of raw materials.

Increasingly, emission labels, but also building certificates such as WELL, Breeam or Leed, play an important role. We have good news for you: Clicwall is also FDES, CARBII, CE, UKCA and A+ certified!

These certificates will help you on your way

25% recycled fibres

By 2030, our MDF wood mix, the base of the Clicwall wall panels, will contain 25% recycled fibres. How? Unilin Panels was the first in the world to develop unique technology for recycling MDF and HDF fibres to create new panels. The end result? We can retain 380,000 tonnes of CO₂ longer each year because we save those panels from incineration.    

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Extremely impact and stain resistant

Do you want your customers to be able to admire their interior with pride after 10 years without any scratches or dents? Clicwall makes this possible! The panels are easy to clean and up to 4 times more scratch and impact resistant than traditional wall coverings.

Is hygiene important? The surface of our decorative panels is antibacterial. This eliminates 99.99% of bacteria within 24 hoursTo sum it all up: the ideal product for heavy-use environments.

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