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Moods with Unilin HPL to transform your space

Unilin moods: create the perfect ambiance with Unilin HPL


Welcome to the world of Unilin HPL, where high pressure meets low effort . Redesigning a kitchen, office, or hotel? Our versatile HPL collection offers endless design possibilities to create stunning interiors   

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Explore three captivating moods with a surprising mix & match of colours and textures.

Mood 1: Inspired by Biophilic Design

Imagine stepping into a public space that instantly makes you feel at ease. By integrating natural colours and textures, you can bring the outdoors inside. It creates a refreshing balance with your digital life, offering you a harmonious and rejuvenating environment. The Pergo Floor that is used here: Svalbard Country Oak Wood Parquet.

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Mood 2: High end, warm kitchen design

Looking for a contemporary kitchen design that exudes luxury? Combine the warm look of Master Oak brown with Green Shadow and Ceppo Mineral grey! The interplay of these colours and textures creates a sophisticated and inviting space, perfect for a trendy home. The Pergo floor used here is the Black Alpstone

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Mood 3: A hotel room to achieve a sense of 'zen' 

How to create the most relaxing atmosphere? By combining soft colours with a variety of textures, you transform your next hotel project into a sanctuary of serenity, helping guests enjoy a calm and peaceful stay. Honestly, who wouldn't feel 100% 'zen' waking up in a hotel room like this? The Pergo floor used here is the beige limestone

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Below you can find all the designs that were used in the moods.