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UNILIN Evola Brushed gold F994 M01

“Brushed gold” – a touch of glamour


Precious metals have begun to find favour again in recent years, and following decades of “minimalist” style, a hint of glamour in our interiors is something of a relief. Rich materials, rich fabrics and deep colours combined with our “Brushed gold” is a guarantee of success.

High-end line interplay

UNILIN Evola Brushed gold

Our “Brushed gold” is an eye-catcher by itself, but in this application, we took things a little further. By bonding it as HPL to a black Unilin MDF panel and then using a router to mill out a sloping line interplay, we’ve succeeded in giving to a truly top-quality look. On the left, the “Brushed gold” has been applied to narrow strips for minimalistic golden lineation on our “Lorenzo walnut medium brown”, giving the furniture added glamour and a feeling of light thanks to horizontal accents.

Subtle glamour

UNILIN Evola Brushed gold

Unilin Evola is also the perfect partner for subtlety on smaller surfaces, as you can see here, where we’ve bonded “Brushed gold” as HPL to a black Unilin MDF panel in a fan shape. Note the details of the door handle that show how almost anything is possible for a creative project.

High-quality creativity

UNILIN Evola Brushed gold

A mixture of creativity, heritage and materials. “Brushed gold” was applied as HPL to a black Unilin MDF panel on an art deco-inspired door frame for an overall look of quality. The combination of “Fondant” door frame and “Carrara creamy” wall gives a setting taken right out of a film set.

Good in combination

UNILIN Evola Brushed gold

This application shows how our materials work together for the perfect blend. “Brushed gold”, “Carrara creamy”, “Dainty oak café noir” and “Ceppo mineral grey” simply melt together in combination with the right lighting.

“Brushed gold” can be used:

  • As the focus or as an accent in a glamorous interior
  • Bonded (or not) to black MDF with the option of milling line interplays for added elegance. See our applications on furniture, door handles and door frames.
  • In combination with virtually all other materials in our sample book – the gold look rarely finds enemies
  • Can be used, even if only minimally, on doors, walls, furniture, pillars, windows, etc.