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The coup d’état of matt black


A few decades ago, white was king of the sleek, stylish interior. In recent years, black has performed a spectacular overtaking manoeuvre and since 2019, has been the new hero in interior design. Black Super Matt MDF panels from Unilin Panels get the absolute maximum out of this mystical and slightly dramatic trend.

The return of frivolity

The interiors of today are in-between spaces where we can allow our creativity to run free while we experiment with colours and materials that are close by. For years, white or pastel was the guideline and darker colours were just “not done”. But the trend towards lightness has passed.

UNILIN Black super mat

Our interiors are beating a path to darker, night-like shades. Their finish in fine deep colours has paved the way for dark velvet and walls rich in contrast. And black takes the trend further still, uniting all elements into a whole. Matt black, with its subtle complexity, adds luxury and safety to a room – there’s no garish design, just elegance, personality and tactility.

Creativity with depth

A black wall is a canvas rich in contrast. Bright colours or natural materials – a black wall helps to enhance their sharpness. Plus, matt black, in contrast to its glossy sibling, is neutral and soft enough to blend in well in any interior – from cutting edge designs to classic designs.

UNILIN Black Super mat

If you’re looking for a style that you can easily work black into with elegance, you should consider Japandi – this cocktail of Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian minimalism is the dreamed habitat for modest matt black. True to the rules of Japanese art, you can accentuate the splendour of the material by cutting in patterns or structures. The black core of the Black Super Matt MDF helps to preserve the subtlety of the accent and forms the perfect backdrop for light Scandinavian natural/pastel colours.

UNILIN Black Super mat

Looking to challenge your creativity? Request your Fibralux MR Black Super Matt sample and discover the versatility and ease of Black Super Matt MDF panels. With their wonderfully soft matt finish thanks to the soft-touch coating and anti-fingerprint effect, its uses are boundless and you are limited only by your own imagination.

The revenge of an oldie

Black is back having never been away. Over in the world of fashion, black has evolved from a simple, inexpensive colour for everyday into a stylish and sexy statement, and it has Coco Chanel’s little black dress (1926) to thank for it. And with the ultimate coronation by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, black ceased to be a mourning colour and transformed into something more sophisticated for any situation.

The interior world has since embraced it lovingly. At first there was reluctance, just a few small accessories, but as the 2000s progressed, it started to feature with red in garish combinations. For a couple of years now, it has evolved, taking on a softness, dimness and matt quality, and it’s hard to imagine an interior magazine or catalogue without matt black kitchen and bathroom utensils. After all, matt black whether as an accessory or an overall concept, instantaneously plunges a room into an edgy, contemporary yet accessible atmosphere.