Smart partnerships

We only use wood originating from locations within a 400 km radius of our production sites. Our smart partnerships with suppliers enable this local import of wood, including from container parks, demolition companies, the packing industry and even our own customers. What they see as waste, we use as raw materials. They can get rid of their residual materials, which we utilize in our production process.

A great example is our cooperation with supermarket chain Colruyt. During the renovation of their offices and shops, they delivered their old interior (wooden panels and shelves) directly to our plant, where they underwent a sophisticated cleaning process before being worked into new panels.

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Sustainable transport

Most of the recycled wood is from Flanders. Thanks to this local approach not only do we limit our transport, but we limit the environmental impact associated with it.

To help reduce the load on the Flemish internal road network we transport as much wood as possible by water, reducing our rely upon the roads and, in turn, our footprint. Our factory in Oostrozebeke has its own landing quay for this purpose.

Did you know that one cargo vessel takes as much as 60 HGVS off the road?


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