Circular wood 

Did you know that not one specific tree is ever felled to produce any of our products? We consciously opt for 100% circular wood!

The vast majority of the raw materials we use are classed as postconsumer or urban wood. This is recycled wood from pallets, packaging, old furniture and reclaimed lumber. 

We also use thinned wood, coming from sustainable verge and forest management, and preconsumer wood supplied by the timber industry. 


Our chipboard comprises 85% reclaimed wood. We want to increase this number in the future. Specifically, we follow the principle that wood should be recycled wherever possible.

Incineration is the final step, when all other material applications have been exhausted. This is how we limit CO2 emissions and reduce the demand for felled trees.

High-tech production process

We employ sophisticated sorting and high-tech cleaning processes to give a second life to more than one million tonnes of wood every year – wood that would otherwise be incinerated.

The reclaimed wood is run through the ultra-modern pre-cleaning installations at our production site. These machines clean the impurities from the wood, such as sand, glass, metal, plastic, rubber. This is done by a combination of techniques, including magnets, air sifters and centrifuge sifters.

We ensure that our wood gets a sustainable second life by producing only high-quality products for long-term enjoyment.

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