Systemfloor LF+

Low-formaldehyde, structural P6 chipboard for raised access flooring

  • Chipboard
  • CE norm: P6
  • Dry conditions - service class 1
  • Formaldehyde class: Low
  • Density: Standard
  • 100% recovered wood

Low-formaldehyde, Structural chipboard for raised access flooring. Systemfloor LF+ compliant CE class P6, is suitable for use in dry conditions, service class 1, mainly for raised access flooring. The Systemfloor LF+ baseboard consists of 89% renewable materials and is made from 100% recovered wood, of which 95% is recycled wood. This product can be PEFC and FSC certified on request, depending on the certification of our stocks. Systemfloor LF+ is available in large board sizes or presawn, cut-to-size into small tiles for raised access flooring.

  • Construction board
  • Raised access floor
  • Structural flooring
  • Cfl-s1 & D-s2-d0