The best of both worlds

How was Master Oak established? Simple. We meticulously studied the look & feel of real oak and brought it to life. You can’t feel or see any difference with the original material.

We have combined that natural look & feel with the advantages of HPL and melamine. That makes Master Oak even better than its natural kin.

  1. Scratch-resistant: three times more scratch-resistant.
  2. Colourfast: a timeless look, and colours that stay beautiful.
  3. Stain-resistant: easy maintenance.

The icing on the cake? Master Oak is made from 100% reclaimed wood. Read more about it in our sustainability story.

The story behind UNILIN Master Oak

When something is made with passion, you can feel it! You can be sure: UNILIN Master Oak does not only feel like real oak, but also like the result of years of hard work.

Our R&D director Caroline tells you everything you need to know about it...

Are you ready for the real deal?

UNILIN Master Oak beats real oak on all fronts. Besides the four classy wood designs, this unique structure also comes in two plain colours, black and white. Master Oak can also be supplied on different materials:

  • Melamine faced panels
  • HPL (standard format and door format)
  • shelving

If this has whetted your appetite, request your free Master Oak samples and discover for yourself!

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