Quick installation for a stylish result

Clicwall’s patented profile allows the panels to click together easily for rapid installation.
No further finishing is required, helping to keep dust and dirt to a minimum during installation.

How to install Clicwall?

Please read our installation manual and watch theses installation video before you begin installing Clicwall.
Stop the installation and contact your supplier as soon as problems arise.

For further explanation, questions or if something is unclear, please contact us.

WELL BEGUN, IS HALF DONE: storage and preparation recommendations
CLIC AND ATTACH: instructions for an easy installation of the Clicwall panels
END GOOD, ALL GOOD: possibilities and tips to finish your walls

Carefully read our Clicwall Installation manual

Below you can download the complete Clicwall installation manual. In this manual you can find more info about:

  • Product description
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Transport
  • Storage and installation conditions
  • Installation instructions
  • Instructions for finishing Clicwall Paint
  • Fire-retardant Clicwall separating walls (EI30 & EI60)
  • FAQ

Download the Clicwall installation manual