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White, Whiter, Whitest


Retailers are increasingly aware of how colour aff­ects the purchasing behaviour of their customers. The right colour depends on the shop’s target group and DNA..

Photo: Flakewood painted white (H455 W04)

Photo: door - Pebble white (WE26 BST) wall, shelf & closet - Flakewood painted white (H455 W04)

So white is the perfect base colour in a shop with a minimalist look and the clear nature of white has a positive e­ffect on mood. But white is also an obvious colour that is often
spread around thoughtlessly. If you want to avoid creating an impression that is overly sterile, you can play with delicate colour accents and captivating materials and textures.
Think of combining wood, concrete or aluminium tones with white to create highlights..

Photo: wall & shelf - Flakewood painted white (H455 W04)

If you want something a bit calmer, grey and cream are the perfect partners. So, long live white, the workhorse in any interior.

Photo: detail shelf - Flakewood painted white (H455 W04)

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