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A unique experience pavilion at Interzum


For this year’s Interzum, we decided to do away with the traditional stand and opt for a real pavilion covering 200 m². It was a space for experiences and in which to explore the many options presented by Unilin Evola panels – a unique setting, inspired by the art deco movement. We were also able to demonstrate how combinations of panels add up to far more than just the sum of their parts.

Interzum is the two-yearly meeting of international professionals in the interior sector, taking place in Cologne, and the principal event for anyone seeking inspiration when it comes to materials, colours and structures. Every two years, we use Interzum as an opportunity to showcase our newest innovations, with a focus on the latest designs and innovation in surface structures.

UNILIN Evola Interzum

This year, we decided to take an original approach to our stand, and instead of showcasing our (new) decorative panels one by one, we combined them to create a setting around a single, central theme. What better way to inspire a professional than to showcase the hundreds of different options that the materials actually offer?

Art deco

The principle behind the experience pavilion was the richness of art deco, a movement that appeared between the two world wars. Characteristic of the style were its eclecticism and decorative ornaments that made use of the technologies that were emerging at the time. Rich colours, geometric figures and beautiful decorations were the key ingredients of the Unilin Pavilion.

UNILIN Evola Interzum

The art deco movement was the ideal theme to demonstrate to visitors the complex yet attractive solutions that the Unilin Evola collection offers to projects in which look, texture and originality dominate. Our pavilion also allowed us to demonstrate how our surface materials can be used for far more than one might think at first glance. We also paid close attention to the minor details, surprising designs and original applications, such as for door knobs and window frames.


Our pavilion went down especially well with international visitors who were able to take away inspiration for their future projects. In subsequent blog posts, we’ll be delving deeper into the various realisations that we were able to develop on the stand using our materials, as inspiration for any interior project.

UNILIN Evola Interzum