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Pioneer in the circular economy

The circular philosophy since 1960

UNILIN has been a pioneer in the circular economy since the 1960s. The then Union des Lins used loam, a waste product from the flax industry, as basic raw material for chipboard. Over the years, UNILIN continued to search for new sustainable raw materials to ensure its continued growth. Waste wood from the wood industry quickly formed a new basic raw material. We took it one step further from 2000, with a focus on locally-salvaged wood. 

You can find our wood everywhere

Our smart partnerships provide local wood 

UNILIN only uses wood originating from locations within a 400 km radius of the production sites. Our smart partnerships with suppliers enable this local import of wood, including from container parks, demolition companies, the packing industry and even our own customers. Some of the raw materials are transported in an environmentally-friendly way via inland shipping. One inland vessel removes 60 lorries from the roads. 


We give wood a second lease of life

100% circular wood thanks to a specialised production process 

Thanks to our strong partnerships with suppliers, exhaustive quality controls and high-tech selection and sorting process, our chipboard comprises 85% reclaimed wood. The other 15% is comprised of waste streams from the wood industry and thinned wood originating from sustainable forest management.

Wood as source of energy

Non-salvageable wood generates electricity 

Not all wood is suitable for the production of chipboard. This wood can, however, serve as a source of renewable energy. We use non-salvageable wood as heat for our own production or to generate green electricity via our own biomass plants. This ensures that nothing of this natural raw material is lost.