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Ad Random used the light coming into the building to create an unique work environment
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Interior design agency Ad Random describes its client Lavagraphics as a multifaceted, to the point, no-nonsense design agency. And they have successfully brought over this corporate identity in the design of their new office in Ghent. The design process was something of a balancing act in which the open space needed to be preserved whilst at the same time ensuring that there were sufficient work places for the company’s employees. To do this, Ad Random worked with “Esthetic Shadowplay”, taking advantage of all of the light coming into the building. Every area in direct sunlight features furniture in H852 W03 (Essential Oak Natural) against a white background, while more shaded spots are home to grey furniture against wooden walls in the same decor. The variation in colour and materials has helped to create different zones without the need to install walls.

Ghent   Belgium
Ad Random
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