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BNO Office

The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) asked for a surprising, no-nonsense and functional working environment.
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How two-dimensional can become spatial.

VEVS Interior Design opted for a black and white colour palette mixed with soft pink and yellow. The white for architecture, the “blank canvas”, the background for the black lines, yellow and soft pink to accentuate the shapes, surfaces and functions.

In the multifunctional space, the office area and the open kitchen and bar are completely executed as a “monolith” in the trend colour soft pink (U656 CST - Tanned Peach). It provides the kitchen with its own place in the open space, as if it is recessed in the hull. The yellow (U135 CST - Amber Yellow) accents provide a lively touch.

Amsterdam   Netherlands
VEVS Interior Design
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