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Perfection is in the detail

17 September 2018

Offer a perfect alternative for real wood; that’s our goal. Creating a realistic look & feel requires an experienced development process. Ann De Blanck, Product Manager at UNILIN Evola explains.

perfection is in the detail

“We start decor development with an intensive search for original materials. This comprises a broad range of characteristic oak with pronounced weathered effects to a refined deep-black design that can hardly be distinguished from painted veneer. There’s a long road of experimentation before we reach a final design.”

Every element in a design should be determined and positioned in minute detail

You can make authenticity

“Every element in a design should be determined and positioned in minute detail: the size of the knots, the colour contrasts and the strength of the grain. This is an assessment that takes place by various people over a long period of time. After all, each person views a design in a different way. This enables us to be certain that a design is really ‘right’. Decor development is not a pure science and a feeling for design and styling is essential.”


perfection is in the detail

Every detail is manual work

“As well as an authentic look, the feel needs to be right too, something that has become increasingly important in recent years. That’s why we have specialised in developing surface structures. An example of these are the synchronous structures, in which the structure follows the pattern perfectly. This gives a realistic design, hardly distinguishable from solid wood or veneer. A realistic, budget-friendly and sustainable alternative for real material.”


perfection is in the detail