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Proximity and comfort as a shopping experience

03 September 2018

Director of Concept and Merchandising at Maisons Du Monde, Gaelle Boivin, is responsible for shop design at the interiors brand. How does she make her decisions? “Natural wood has a neutral feel that helps to give every space its own ambience.”

“We value the relationship with our customers tremendously. We see the connection that they have to our brand and how attached they are. We can only maintain this positive attachment by retaining close proximity to our customers.” Achieving such a level of close proximity is a challenge for Maisons Du Monde, which offers a wide selection or products in both decoration and furniture. “Our shop design has been configured to help customers navigate their way around without getting lost in wide aisles. There’s no fixed route around our stores. Our zig-zag layout encourages customers to wander back and forth between areas and ambiences in complete freedom.”

Wall paneling with a natural wood look

“I chose a natural, aesthetic look for the shop design as a showcase for our range. Natural wood has a neutral feel that helps to give every space its own ambience — gold and white in one, dark green tints in the next and so on.” Gaelle specifically opted for a neutral canvas to immerse customers in different ambiences. The decorative wall panels with soft wood look (H878 BST Paruma Oak) have helped to consolidate the feeling of neutrality and give each space its own ambience.

The comeback for raw and natural materials

“I draw my inspiration from travel and can just as easily conceive an idea while standing in a railway station as I can in Africa. I love exploring the world and keeping my finger on the pulse of trends, such as the return of rough, natural materials. These fit well with a need for steadiness and ecological sustainability as a counterbalance to ultra-digitisation. The challenge is in finding just the right compromise to help balance conflicting trends. My own personal tastes are evolving too. For example, I don’t have a favourite colour and I am led by what I like at that point in my life. At the moment, that’s green tints and rough wood, like oak.”

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