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Let the light in — a return to positivity and optimism

15 November 2018

“Let the light in” is the overarching trend for the new Levis Colour of the Year 2019. Spiced Honey is a versatile tint that can help bring optimism and positivity to any interior. “Last year, we were slamming the shutters closed, but this year, we’re opening the windows again,” explains Heleen Van Gent, Creative Director of the Global Aesthetic Centre at AkzoNobel. She explains how the colour can have a different effect on people when used in different combinations.

let the light in
Source: Levis

“The Colour of the Year 2019” is Spiced Honey, a warm camel tint that evokes images of honey. Honey is a natural product that provides energy and has a healing effect, it’s an optimistic colour. “The overarching trend behind Colour of the Year 2019 is energy and “let the light in”. Last year’s colour was Heart Wood, which led us to the conclusion that the world is unpredictable. In 2019, we’ll be embracing that unpredictability and be open to change. We’ll see optimism again and have a positive outlook on the future. People will be just enjoying the moment and embracing the new approach to life.”

let the light in
Source: Levis

Last year we were slamming the shutters closed, but this year, we’re opening the windows again.

Activating effect

“We’ve translated the underlying optimistic and engaged social vision into a colour palette, thereby highlighting the versatility of the colour which, as an interior designer, you can apply to all manner of environments and styles,” explains Heleen.

Spiced Honey has an activating effect, but when used with other colours, the Colour of the Year takes on a wholly different role. When used with bright colours, for example, Spiced Honey gives an air of maturity. It’s a sophisticated palette that you can take and use to create an activating effect. With softer colours, it is much more subdued.

let the light in
Source: Levis - When used with bright colours, Spiced Honey gives an air of maturity

The UNILIN Evola collection includes a number of colours that fit perfectly with the trend of positivity and optimism including the vibrant Amber Yellow, soft Coral, refreshing Fresh Green and expressive Persian Blue. 

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