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The Instagrammability of a hotel, a must for millennials

02 November 2018

A recent British survey suggests that more than 40% of millennials choose their holiday destination based on its Instagrammability, and hotels are increasingly designing their interiors with Instagrammability in mind. Kel Wouters works for social media and online marketing agency So Buzzy, whose clients include Crowne Plaza Antwerp and Hotel BLOOM!, part of the NH Group, in Brussels. She explains how interior designers can help to ensure Instagrammability.

instagrammable hotels

What are the benefits of having an Instagrammable hotel?

“It can give your hotel additional awareness and reach. Often, just a small investment can have a major impact, so there’s a huge return on investment. Hotels that are shared frequently on social media are “top of mind”, which means that people will want to stay there and take photos in the same place. It’s a great vicious circle.”

instagrammable hotels
#TheHoxton has appeared more than 27,000 times on Instagram.

instagrammable hotels
A quote in the toilet at The Restaurant in Brussels.

So where exactly do you start?

“You can start small. At The Hotel, one of the most photographed spots was a simple quote in the toilet (at The Restaurant) of all places, “Men to the left, because women are always right.” People began to share photos of the quote. “Human content” still has the greatest effect.”

The Shoreline Waikiki hotel in Hawaii targets itself at “the millennial-minded traveller”. Source:

“Check what your audience is sharing and looking at on Instagram and respond to that when you’re designing a selfie area. Think about the light in the area, and test it out beforehand. Ensure that there’s an obvious link to your hotel. If guests are sharing a selfie area but no one knows that it’s in your hotel, it’s of no use. Share your account at the location and encourage people to use a hashtag.”

How is the trend evolving?

“More and more companies, not just hotels, are responding to the trend and getting involved. Technology makes so much more possible, like augmented reality, where hotels can offer virtual tours and even create selfie moments along the way.”

How can interior designers add Instagrammable elements?

“Original, special objects are appealing. Hotel BLOOM!, for example, had two ball chairs hanging from the ceiling. Guests would automatically sit in the chairs and start swinging, and would then take a selfie. The same goes for original murals.”

instagrammable hotels
The ball chair at Hotel BLOOM!

“Interior designers also need to look at what’s currently popular on Instagram, although they need to be careful with temporary trends. Replaceable accessories are the key. The ball chairs at Hotel BLOOM! regularly get new cushions in different colours to create a whole new vibe, and arty objects throughout the hotel are replaced at regular intervals.”

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