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FiberTech Flex

Flexible insulation mat in natural wood fibre for thermal insulation of roofs, walls and façades
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FiberTech Flex is very vapour permeable. With its high moisture absorption capacity, this flexible insulation mat provides a pleasant and healthy living environment.

Its low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity provide extra protection against cold winters and hot summers.
FiberTech Flex is a quick, easy and skin-friendly insulation solution. The flexible mats are installed between the slats, posts and beams of walls and ceilings, both in timber-frame constructions and traditional walls.

Thanks to its flexibility, FiberTech Flex can also be fitted quickly and easily between roof beams. Good grip and a large choice of different thicknesses mean that the insulation can be fitted tightly to the wall or roof and help to prevent heat loss.

FiberTech Flex is available on demand and can be made to order.
Please contact our sales team for more information about the technical capabilities regarding custom thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.

Material type
Wood fibre boards
Humidity control
Moisture regulating
Onze isolerende platen zijn vervaardigd op basis van houtvezel, wat de plaat een lage thermische en akoestische geleidbaarheid en een hoge warmtecapaciteit oplevert.
Vapour diffusion