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FiberTech Top

Stable, vapour-permeable, moisture-resistant wood fibreboard with tongue-and-groove joints, for insulation protection and roof sheating
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FiberTech Top is wood fibreboard with a tongue-and-groove system. The boards contain paraffin, which has a water-repellent effect. FiberTech Top has excellent sound insulation values.

Its low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity prevent thermal bridges and provide extra protection against cold winters and hot summers.

Excellent water vapour permeability means that FiberTech Top can be used in vapour-permeable buildings where physical safety of the construction and good quality of life are central.
Excellent water vapour permeability means that FiberTech Top can be used in vapour-permeable buildings. The board is used in timber-frame construction as partition element or roof sheathing.

Before a definitive outer wall finish is applied, FiberTech Top provides optimal insulation protection and vapour-permeable cladding for ventilated exterior walls. FiberTech Top can also be used as a roof sheating board.

In both cases, the boards are guaranteed to protect the building for up to four weeks against rain and snow (if the installation instructions are followed).
General characteristics + Norm Unit Average values
Thickness EN 324-1 mm 18 22
Density EN 323 kg/m³ 270 270
Thermal conductivity coefficient (notional value) EN 13986 W/m.K 0,048 0,048
Specific heat capacity c kJ/kg.K 2100 2100
Water vapour permeability µ EN iso 12572 (dry cup) 5 5
Water absorbtion kg/m² <= 1.0 <= 1.0
Internal bond EN 319 N/mm² >= 30 >= 30
Compression strength N/cm² 200 200
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 E E
Wood fibre boards Quantities per pack
Thickness EN 324-1 18 22
600x2500 130 104

Please contact our sales team for more information about special thicknesses and sizes, and for minimum order requirements.

Material type
Wood fibre boards
Use in humid conditions
Tongue and groove
The tongue and groove profile ensures high stability and simple installation. The system makes it possible to nail or screw the panels blind.
Onze isolerende platen zijn vervaardigd op basis van houtvezel, wat de plaat een lage thermische en akoestische geleidbaarheid en een hoge warmtecapaciteit oplevert.
Humidity control
Moisture regulating