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FiberTech RWH

Vapour-permeable reinforcing board with wood fibre basis
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The MUF-glued FiberTech RWH board with a smooth TopFinish layer is perfectly suited to structural applications in damp conditions.
The unique composition and finish of the board limits swelling and expansion in damp spaces.
The FiberTech RWH board is suitable for applications in service class 2 (limited temperature and relative humidity) and can only be used in biological hazard classes 1 and 2 of EN Standard 335-3.

FiberTech RWH is available as standard with straight edges, but can also be finished with a tongue-and-groove system (TG). The toothed profile ensures high stability and simple installation. This makes it possible to nail or screw the panels blind.
FiberTech RWH is suitable for various structural applications. This fibreboard can be used as a reinforcing board for walls and roofs in timber construction.
As a rigid sheating for roofs and walls, FiberTech RWH also provides extra thermal and sound insulation.
Sanded Quantities per pack
Thickness EN 324-1 16
2440x610 100
2800x1196 50

Please contact our sales team for more information about the technical capabilities regarding custom thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.

Material type
Wood fibre boards
Rigid MDF panel for walls and roofs, structural
The heat-treated TopFinish surface (TF) creates an extra-hard, sealed surface with greater impact resistance, and it is easy to clean. The increased concentration of natural paraffin in the surface increases its moisture resistance. Our boards with a TopFinish surface also score highly for air tightness. These advantages mean that boards with a TopFinish surface are particularly suitable for building applications.
Use in humid conditions

Tongue and groove
The tongue and groove profile ensures high stability and simple installation. The system makes it possible to nail or screw the panels blind.