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Chipboard for use in raised floor systems
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Systemfloor is a square chipboard for use in raised floor systems. The boards are available in sizes from 598 mm to 605 mm and thicknesses from 28 mm to 38 mm. Systemfloor can be supplied in different qualities and in accordance with the requirements of your raised floor system.

The boards are supplied as standard with straight edges and a fine, sanded surface.

Systemfloor is perfect for applications in spaces where floors have to be highly resistant to sagging.  The boards are usually fitted into a frame or height-adjustable footings or plastic jacks. This creates a hollow space ideal for cabling in office spaces, computer rooms, laboratories, telephone switchboards or storage spaces. Vinyl, carpet or cork? Systemfloor can be finished simply with any type of floor covering, whether vinyl, carpet or cork.
Systemfloor is produced to order for customers based on requirements for bending strength, bending stiffness and density.
Systemfloor is available on demand and can be made to order. 
Please contact our sales team for more information about the technical capabilities regarding qualities, thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.
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