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Tongue-and-groove board for floors and walls in dry environments
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Qualirack chipboard with tongue-and-groove joints on four sides can be used for both structural and non-structural applications in dry conditions.  This board is suitable for use in service class 1 (limited temperature and relative humidity), and can only be used in biological hazard class 1 of EN Standard 335-3.

Qualirack is available as standard with a TopFinish surface and a tongue-and-groove system on four sides.
The toothed profile ensures high stability and simple installation. It is possible to nail or screw the panels blind.
The heat-treated TopFinish surface (TF) creates an extra-hard, sealed surface with greater impact resistance, which is easy to clean.
Our boards with a TopFinish surface also score highly for airtightness. These advantages mean that boards with a TopFinish surface are particularly suitable for building applications.
Qualirack is often used as a structural construction board for floors and walls, both in traditional house-building and timber construction.
General characteristics + Norm Unit Average values
Thickness EN 324-1 mm 12 19 22 25
Moisture level EN 322 % 6-10
Technical characteristics + Norm Unit 5/95 percentile values
Bending strength EN 310 N/mm² 16 15 13 13
Internal bond EN 319 N/mm² 0,40 0,35 0,30 0,30
Bending stiffness EN 310 N/mm² 2300 2300 2050 2050
Surface soundness EN 311 N/mm² 16 15 15 15
TopFinish Quantities per pack
Thickness EN 324-1 12 19 22 25
2040x910   45 40 35
2440x610 150      

Please contact our sales team for more information about the technical capabilities regarding custom thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.

Material type
Load-bearing applications in dry conditions
Tongue and groove
The tongue and groove profile ensures high stability and simple installation. The system makes it possible to nail or screw the panels blind.