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Structural chipboard with tongue-and-grooves on four sides, for flooring subjected to intensive use
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The Mezzanine chipboard has tongue-and-groove joints on four sides. These boards are particularly well suited for structural applications. Mezzanine is very strong and can bear extreme loads.

Mezzanine U7 is a P6 panel with improved reinforcement. This CE certified panel (class P6 EN 312) far exceeds the technical strength and firmness requirements of the P6 standard and forms the basis for a solid and reliable floor. Therefore, Mezzanine U7 panels can bridge longer distances between support beams than traditional P6 panels. This saving in materials makes mezzanine floors economically attractive.

The boards are suitable for applications in service class 1 (limited temperature and relative humidity) and exclusively in biological hazard class 1 of EN Standard 335-3.

Mezzanine is available in four different versions:

  • Mezzanine U7 Standard: 2 sides unfinished* - fire class Cfl-s1
  • Mezzanine U7 Standard White: 1 side unfinished* + 1 side with white acrylic lacquer - fire class Cfl-s1
  • Mezzanine U7 Deluxe: 1 side wear-resistant + 1 side white melamine - fire class Cfl-s1
  • Mezzanine U7 Antislip: 1 side anti-slip + 1 side white melamine - fire class Bfl-s1

* Unfinished sides always have a fine, sanded surface.

Mezzanine has been specifically developed for industrial applications and is mainly used to create extra floors in warehouses. This makes Mezzanine boards a financially attractive alternative for people who need extra space for their business.  The boards’ exceptional sturdiness also permits the storage and transportation of heavy materials.
Technical characteristics + Norm Unit 5/95 percentile values
Thickness EN 324-1 mm 38
Bending strength EN 310 N/mm² 14
Internal bond EN 319 N/mm² 0,30
Bending stiffness EN 310 N/mm² 2200
Swelling/24h EN 317 % 14
Mezzanine Antislip (antislip - white melamine) Quantities per pack
Thickness EN 324-1 38
1000x2550 22
2400x600 50
Mezzanine standard (raw-raw) Quantities per pack
1000x2550 22
2400x600 50
Mezzanine Standard white (raw-white acrylic lacquer) Quantities per pack
850x3000 22
1000x2550 22
2400x600 50
Mezzanine Deluxe (wear resistant - white melamine) Quantities per pack
1000x2550 22
2400x600 50
The 4 different Mezzanine finishes are available in stock on a P6 carrier board.
Please contact our sales team for more information about the technical capabilities regarding custom qualities, thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.
Material type
Heavy duty load-bearing boards for structural applications in dry conditions
For structural applications
Tongue and groove
The tongue and groove profile ensures high stability and simple installation. The system makes it possible to nail or screw the panels blind.