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Moisture-resistant board with transparent coating, for re-useable concrete formwork
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MUF-glued AcrySpan chipboard is treated on one or both sides with a shiny, smooth UV acrylic concrete formwork lacquer.

The waterproof and lye-resistant lacquer is built up in three layers: one layer of pore filler and two finishing layers.  

AcrySpan is suitable for absorbent, short-term concrete formwork for a maximum of two days. To prevent bending, appropriate support for the board is recommended. Avoid the side edges coming into direct contact with water and always use appropriate tools when sawing, milling or drilling. Apply a suitable dismantling oil for a perfectly even concrete surface.
General characteristics + Norm Unit Average values
Thickness EN 324-1 mm 17
Moisture level EN 322 % 6-10
Technical characteristics + Norm Unit 5/95 percentile values
Bending strength EN 310 N/mm² 14
Internal bond EN 319 N/mm² 0,45
Bending stiffness EN 310 N/mm² 1950
Swelling/24h EN 317 % 14
Internal bond after cyclic test EN 321 option 1 N/mm² 0,13
Swelling/24h EN 317 % 13
One side coated Quantities per pack
Thickness EN 324-1 17
2500x1250 54
Two side coated Quantities per pack
2500x1250 54
Please contact our sales team for more information about the technical capabilities regarding custom thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.
Material type
Use in humid conditions
Non load-bearing applications in humid conditions