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B-Wear wanted a contemporary and efficient redesign of their store
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Harmonious materials and designs for a trendy store concept

A total redesign

B-Wear is a clothing boutique in Zwevegem. The manager of the family business, Marleen Geldhof, felt it was time to revamp the store: “Our interior had been the same for years. We could no longer ignore the traces of wear and tear”. 

B-Wear wanted a familiar but modern look but above all, it was not going to be satisfied with half measures. Walls, cupboards, tables and clothing racks: everything needed a fresh, harmonious new look. Marleen Geldhof: “We were looking for a contemporary, efficient and personal style. It was not easy to find a solution that met our requirements”.

Perfectly complementary

Carpenter and designer Bjorn Vandermeersch was eager to take on the challenge: “We didn’t rush into things, given the scale of the project. Pretty much the whole interior of the store had to be scrapped. The electricity was the only thing we didn’t change”

The versatile Formica®-UNILIN collection, the result of a partnership between two famous interior brands, offered B-Wear a total solution. “For the new walls and wall cupboards, we used laminated panels from the new collection. They are available in large formats which allowed us to cover a large surface area efficiently”, Bjorn Vandermeersch explains.

For the horizontal applications, Bjorn Vandermeersch chose a different solution from the same Formica®-UNILIN collection: “The shelves have to stand up to intensive use. Formica®-UNILIN’s high-pressure laminate is ideal for this”. Bjorn Vandermeersch used a combination of HPL and laminated panels, but he did not see this as a problem: “They are two different products, but the finish is exactly the same”. 

Less puzzling

The Formica®-UNILIN makes it possible to combine laminated panels and HPL harmoniously in a total concept. Bjorn Vandermeersch: “That makes this collection ideal for offices or retail concepts such as B-Wear”.

HPL is more expensive than laminated panels. “We only used high-pressure laminate where it was really necessary. The wall cupboards and clothing racks are made of laminated panels, but the shelves inside, which need to bear more weight, are HPL”, Bjorn Vandermeersch tells us.

Thanks to a wide range of materials with complementary designs and textures, Bjorn Vandermeersch did not have to do too much puzzling: “I can sketch out a conceptual project like the one for B-Wear without giving myself a headache over whether the designs match or not. This means I can concentrate more on the technical aspects of the project”.

An extensive range of designs

The Formica®-UNILIN collection keeps up with today’s interior trends and those of the future as well. The new collection has been extended considerably, now offering a choice of no less than 103 different designs. Oak is still the most popular wood design on the European market.

The wood designs reflect this. On the other hand, the refreshing range of pure colours is ideal to break up neutral tints. But the fantasy designs with intriguing patterns are also steadily gaining ground. The collection is a new chapter in the ongoing partnership  between UNILIN and Formica®. The interior brands have combined their extensive knowledge in a collection that brings together the best of both worlds. “UNILIN and Formica®: two household names in the world of interior design. If two important players with such impressive reputations both put their ef forts into a shared collection, this creates customer confidence”, Bjorn Vandermeersch affirms.

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Zwevegem   Belgium
Bjorn Vandermeersch
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