Kitchen cabinets with a click system that make you the winner.
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Unilin ClicBox is an entirely new range of kitchen cabinets using the patented and revolutionary UNICLIC® technology that allows you to click the various panels together without any tools. 


Choosing ClicBox is a practical and time-saving experience. The flat-packed kitchen cabinets don't take a lot of space in a van and are very easy to transport, even if they need to be installed on the 5th floor! When unwrapping the ClicBox packs, it's obvious that there are a lot fewer components compared to traditional kitchen cabinets where you first need to puzzle all the components together. 

Not only the panels of the ClicBox kitchen cabinets but also all other ClicBox components, such as the legs, the hanging bracket system and the centre post can be assembled without tools or glue. This highly intuitive and very simple assembly is a real game changer for your productivity rate: installation is up to 5 times faster! 

    Very easy and highly intuitive assembly
Much higher productivity thanks to 5x faster installation

No tools, no glue, no fittings 

Easy to install and convenient to handle
Fewer components

A 100% cost and time efficient solution

Product features that make the difference

With ClicBox, Unilin combines its unique click system with exceptional quality. All panels are produced in-house in order to guarantee that each and every cabinet meets strict quality standards.

18 mm, thick MFC
panels, 1 mm ABS
on leading edges
8 mm solid back
No fittings because
Solid top and bottom
are interchangeable

18 mm adjustable 
shelves, 3 possible 

Adjustable tool-less
Tool-less solid center-
post with a unique 
turnfastener technology
Tool-less and adjust-
able hanging bracket


Using the Uniclic technology for ClicBox creates 3 important benefits for the ClicBox kitchen cabinets:

Fast & easy




No visible

The panels of the kitchen
cabinet only need to be
clicked together. It is as
easy as 1, 2, 3!

The click connection is
stronger than a
traditional assembly
system as the joints
interlock along the
entire assembly length
instead of only on 2
fixing points.

As there are no fittings
required with UNICLIC,
the technology is
completely invisible



FSC ClicBox ClicBox is FSC certified

General warranty conditions
ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 150

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 300

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 350

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 400

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 450

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 500

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 600

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 700

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 800

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 900

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 1000

ClicBox 720 BASE Door/drawer line 1200

ClicBox 720 BASE full drawer 500

ClicBox 720 BASE full drawer 600

ClicBox 720 BASE full drawer 800

ClicBox 720 BASE full drawer 900

ClicBox 720 BASE full drawer 1000

ClicBox 720 BASE Under oven 600

ClicBox 720 BASE Corner cabinet 928

ClicBox 1970 Larder 300

ClicBox 1970 Shelves 300

ClicBox 1970 Larder 400

ClicBox 1970 Shelves 400

ClicBox 1970 Larder 500

ClicBox 1970 Shelves 500

ClicBox 1970 Larder 600

ClicBox 1970 Shelves 600

ClicBox 720 Wall 300

ClicBox 720 Wall 350

ClicBox 720 Wall 400

ClicBox 720 Wall 450

ClicBox 720 Wall 500

ClicBox 720 Wall 600

ClicBox 720 Wall 700

ClicBox 720 Wall 800

ClicBox 720 Wall 900

ClicBox 720 Wall 1000

ClicBox 720 Wall 1200

ClicBox 720 Corner Wall 628

ClicBox 720 Angled Wall 628

ClicBox 360 Bridging unit 500

ClicBox 360 Bridging unit 600

ClicBox 360 Bridging unit 800

ClicBox 360 Bridging unit 900

The Uniclic® technology is a tongue and groove system for connecting two panels at an angle of 90° by clicking the panels together. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to assemble the flat-packed kitchen cabinets by just clicking the components together, without tools, screws or glue.
Please contact our sales team for more information about the technical capabilities regarding custom thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.
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